About JRDA

Japan Roller Derby Association (JRDA), general incorporated association, is a member of Japan Roller Sports Federation (JRSF). It is the governing body of roller derby that represents Japan to international events sanctioned by Federation Internationale de Roller Sports (FIRS) and JRSF. Established in April 2013 in Tokyo, we dedicate to make roller derby popular in Japan and send official national teams, men and women, to international games and events.

In the past, like in the United States, the so-called “Roller Game” played on banked track was a very popular sports show, broadcast on TV TOKYO and syndicated stations throughout Japan. However current roller derby is not yet well-known to and played by many Japanese in Japan, although it is the fastest-growing roller sports in the world.

At present 3 WFTDA leagues, Kokeshi Roller Dolls (KRD), Tokyo Roller Girls (TRG) and Devil Dogs Derby Dames (DDDD), are active in Japan. Most of their skaters are Americans. Since they practice and play roller derby mostly inside the US military bases, it is very limited for Japanese people to have access to their games.

For the promotion of roller derby among Japanese, in cooperation with KRD we held “Japan Open Roller Derby Tournament 2016” and the first “All Japan Roller Derby Championships” during March 25-26, 2016 in Okinawa and participated by foreign teams in addition to leagues and teams, American or Japanese, active in Japan. General public could enjoy the games and watch them on Internet.

The first “FIRS World Championships” (World Roller Games 2017) will take place in 2017. In all disciplines, speed, artistic, hockey, skateboarding and others, top skaters come together to one city Nanjing, China for top-level competitions. We will send Japan national teams, men and women, to the historic event along with other disciplines under the national flag.

We have been working and continue to provide Japanese skaters with opportunities to improve their skills and be ready for international competitions.

At the same time we support teams and roller rinks operating basic skating lessons to general public.

Contact us:
Japan Roller Derby Association (JRDA)
(Mr.) Masao Kato, President
2-21-14-201, Bessho, Hachioji-shi, Tokyo 192-0363 Japan

Press Release

    • 19 November 2015
    • Asia’s First Roller Derby Tournament: The Japan Open